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There could be several ways of looking at life and there could be several approaches to make sure that one has a long and healthy life. There could be medical ways of doing so, there could be psychological ways of doings so, by taking care of the diet and exercising could be another way to approach the subject. However, if you are someone who likes to water the roots and not the leaves should follow Chess five amazing essentials for a healthy long life.

1-Slowing Down is the first secret to long, healthy and a happy life. In the modern day world we are running from one pole to the other. We have deadlines imposed so that we could world better and more efficiently. Unknowingly we are trying to compete with the machines. Forgetting it completely that we are not machine and human body has its own capabilities and limitations. Slowing down and acknowledging the body’s need to rest is very important as well Hence, try to calm down and try not to squeeze yourself between schedules. Give time to yourself.

2-Nourishing your body is another indispensable aspect of keeping oneself healthy. Eating food which has all the required components to keep the body working well is required. Skipping meals or grabbing junk food is the worst that you could do to your body. Healthier you would eat, the more health years you would be adding to your life. Green vegetables and essential vitamin intake in the daily diet would make a lot of difference.

3-Exercising is another way of keeping the body healthy. While we exercise, the amount of oxygen which is dispensed is more and thus the body functions better. At the same time, this allows the body to be more active and helps it to build a strong immune system against the diseases. In case someone is not to inclined to have an exercising regime, taking a 30 minutes walk every day would be enough to keep your body in shape for good and healthier life.

4-Facing the fears one has could also have positive effect on our body and health. Fear, anxiety, stress are the most negative feeling that could shatter the body and mind. The only way to keep away from these is to stand up and confront the same. Confronting a problem would mean that you face is and resolve it rather than hiding from it and being developing a fear. The fear would wreck your body and mind more than the actual problem can harm you

5-Practicing compassion may sound like a religious discourse to some but it works. Being human kindness and comparison is an essential part of our personality. Ignoring that completely would hold you back from blossoming and thus to have a long healthy life. This can help control the stress and anxiety and would make a person go calmer.

All the other ways of ensuring a long life would be branching from the above five points. Fancy names and colored terms could be provided to those, but the basics would be the same as listed above.