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A time comes when you become aged, and you can’t get well on with some stuff like you used to at your college days. With receding hairlines to sagging muscles, things are never the same but then, It is a destiny for all When this time comes, it brings with it some conditions that need medical attentions such as heart diseases, diabetes and many others. As doctors provide medication, they always recommend fitness tip for better life. It is better to be watchful about your heath. You can keep healthy by employing the tips below.

• Be active. Maintain an active meaningful schedule. This can be secular work, businesses or volunteer work. This gives you an energy of waking up to something which translates to an active body and this way, you may keep at bay those pains.

• Exercise regularly. This is the most important routine that you will need to maintain. It is key to mind and body fitness. While exercising, ensure to follow proper techniques and avoid over-exercising. Regular rests during sessions is important more so to people with hypertension. Yoga can substitute heavy exercises as the outcome is way better.

• Check on what you eat. Old brain should not go hungry. You also won’t be right to stuff it with anything you lay your hands on Acquire carbohydrates from bread, potatoes, cereals and any other foods. Avoid sourcing nutrients from a since food. Take plenty of vegetables too.

• Water! Don’t forget to take plenty of water, averagely 2-3 liters. You need it to expel toxic substances from your body through urination and perspiration. Don’t substitute it with drinks such as soda or coffee.

• Cut down alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine drinks may induce depression, anxiety and sleeping problems, (You don’t want this for sure). Alcohol as caffeine can also depress. It will also overwork your liver trying to neutralize it which depletes nutrients from your body.

• Not time for smoking. Smoking is not what you want now At old age, it becomes risky and can result to circulation problems which will be worse now that your immunity isn’t that hawk eyed. Remember, it is never late to quit.

As you are reading this article, you are getting older and you can practice this too. Be actively involved in family and community activities. Not only will you feel belonging but also improve your mental stimulation which counters intellectual deterioration. You can also write and share how you are shading the old age off to your peers!