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The stairlift is a piece of equipment created primarily for individuals who have limited mobility or disabilities that make it difficult to climb or descend stairs. The core feature is to make the lives of these individuals easier by moving them up and down the stairs without any need for physical assistance. Of course, while this is the basic function of the item it is not the only benefit that the stairlift offers. This article will provide information on the various advantages of the stairlift and how this item can be useful for any individual with mobility difficulties.

1. Independence

As mobility declines, so does the feeling of independence if the individual requires physical assistance from a personal nurse. The presence of this support may be useful; however, the dependence can be embarrassing and cause psychological distress. By using a stairlift, the individual is able to navigate a flight of stairs independently; thus, maintaining the feeling of independence, freedom, and increased self-esteem. Of course, the individual may still require assistance when moving around the house, but the independent “climbing” of the stairs will be invaluable and help combat any distress.


2. Cost-Effectiveness

The installation of a stairlift can be seen as a long-term investment. It is often seen that the deterioration in mobility will result in a need for modification of one’s residence; for example, first floor rooms will need to be redesigned to act as living rooms and bedrooms. Bathrooms will also need to be created in areas that the individual can reach, which can be very costly. By installing a stairlift, there is no need for modifications to be completed and the need for this type of expense is greatly reduced.

3. Increased Security

Tackling a flight of stairs, ascending or descending, can be very dangerous for any individual with restricted mobility or disabilities; irrespective of whether or not there is another individual assisting one with the task. By using a stairlift, it is possible to eliminate the chance of slips, trips, and other physical injuries associated with walking on a flight of stairs. Safety is a priority at all times and the stairlift is highly beneficial in reducing the chance of any injury.

4. Remaining At Home

Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities who are unable to care for themselves are generally sent to live in care homes to be cared for by community nurses. This can be very stressful and can, in some cases, worsen ailments. By installing a stairlift, the individual will be able to navigate the stairs (a dangerous area) independently accommodating needs and showing an ability to care for themselves to a certain degree. This will contribute to a decision for the individual to remain in their home environment and reduce the chance of having to relocate.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are numerous advantages to installation of a stairlift; however, there are different disadvantages as well which should be considered before purchase. It must be noted that a stairlift does utilize large amounts of electricity and it can cause damage to the staircase; but it is important to take these points with the above to make an informed decision regarding the use of this item for your needs.

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